Himalayas Callenge V2

939x397 General Kit

Kit and Clothing

What you will need ..

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When you sign up for your Himalayas Challenge, you will have access to a comprehensive kit list that details everthing you will need - from major items like boots and sleeping bags, to the little things such as wet wipes and sun screen. The type of kit you will need varies depending on your challenge. Mera Peak and Stok Kangri require the most technical kit, as they go to extreme altitude and require some extra items, while Everest Base Camp is a longer trek, so will need more things such as underwear and socks to last the duration. 

Below are some key pieces of kit you will need to either buy or hire for the challenge and are worth considering when your planning your trip. 

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Essential Kit

219x196 Kilimanjaroboots

Walking/ Trekking Boots

A good and strong pair of walking/ trekking boots is the most important piece of kit you will need. We recommend getting these well in advance of your challenge to wear them in fully - so you don't suffer from blisters on the climb. If you are looking to invest in a pair we recommend visiting Cotswold Outdoor to get fitted properly by an expert who will take into account your foot size, arch and gait. Don't forget we've a 15% discount for all challengers at Cotswold Outdoor!


Season 4-5 Sleeping Bag

The nights can get very cold in the Himalayas - especially on our high altitude climbs! It is imperative that you have a good quality sleeping bag which will keep you warm down as low as -20c on Mera Peak or Stok Kangri. Rather than spend £000s buying a new one - most hire theirs from our kit partners for roughly £50 - which are good enough quality to keep you warm and are cleaned each time they are used.

219x160 Downjacket

A Good Down Jacket!

Another important warm piece of kit you will need to keep you warm! A good lightweight down jacket will be crucial in the evenings when the temperature drops and during a night-time summit treks when temperatures are sub zero! Some buy a new down jacket or it may be something you already have - if you don't wish to make the investment why not hire one for about £40!

219x160 Bags

100-120L Duffel & 35L Backpack

Your kit and equipment needs to fit into two bags for the flight: 1 Large 100 litre rucksack/ duffle bag without wheels that should not exceed 23kg. A smaller 30–35 litre rucksack / day bag that must weigh no more than 10kg. On the trek you will carry a day bag with essential items & your main bag (restricted to 13-15kg) will be transported to each camp or teahouse by our local crew. You leave behind any excess luggage at the hotel, and collect it after you complete the challenge.

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Discount partners...

Below our exclusive kit partners whom we've got discounts set up for all our challengers - to help you get fully kitted out without it breaking the bank!