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Congrtulations to our Mera Peak Team, Nepal – Summit Success at 6,497m!

Standing tall within the Himalaya range, Mera Peak‘s summit is 6,497m high – a tough, and mighty ‘trekking’ peak which is an ideal ‘next step’ if you’ve tackled Kilimanjaro or Everest Base Camp. On the morning of the 22nd October 2022 – our team successfully reached the summit in the early hours just as the sun rose.

We’d like to congratulate the team – who battled through snow, cold, altitude & many many meters of ascent to get there led by our esteemed guide Chris Morrel & the expert local Nepalese team.

If Kilimanjaro is your first experience of high altitude trekking, Mera Peak is the next natural step for you to take – you are at high altitude for longer, there is a traverse across a Glacier, the route is remote with Himalayan views for as far as the eye can see. Action Challenge Director, Julian Risley (who has climbed both Kilimanjaro & Mera Peak) compares the two “Kilimanjaro is a great introduction to summitting a high altitude mountain – the support is unrivalled and you are looked after every step of the way, but Mera Peak tests you to the next level. You are taken to a more remote location, the climb up is longer, and you get to experience high altitude trekking with a bit of winter mountain skills thrown in. I would recommend Mera Peak to anyone whom is looking for that next challenge, that next adventure and wants to train & work towards their first Himalayan summit!”.

We’ve two departures out to Mera Peak in 2023 & 2024 – why not set yourself a goal to train & work towards!

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