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It’s in the news – and we all know it’s a problem - and many of our participants have also emailed in with concerns over single use plastic waste items on our events.  For 2018 Action Challenge is determined to reduce the environmental impact, and we hope all our participants will be on board with these initiatives.


For this year - we are expecting over 20,000 people to be taking part in our UK challenge events – and they consume a lot to keep going! We’re focussing on cups, bottles, cutlery and printing initially:


  • 80,000 single use hot drink foam cups will be replaced with eco paper cups
  • 200,000 items of plastic cutlery will be replaced by eco wooden items alongside paper plates
  • 20,000 heavy duty single use plastic fizz flutes will be replaced by paper ‘fizz cones’
  • 60,000 plastic bottles ‘saved’ - as pre bottled water will only be used in emergencies
  • 120,000 pages of A5 printed laminated maps will be saved by utilising the Action Challenge APP (the app does not require an internet signal)
  • 100,000 pages of A4 printing by participants will be saved by using our APP


We’ll also have full recycling set ups at the Rest Stops on each event – and all of our participants can help by properly sorting their own waste, and of course following  ‘Rule Number 1’  - which is absolutely no litter of any kind on the routes and trails themselves. We also have other initiatives in hand – including the aim to replace our plastic arrows (they are multi use – and last for quite a few events) - without compromising participant safety in any way.


Please let us know what you think – and in particular if you have any additional ideas or suggestions to reduce the impact of our events.


Action Challenge, London

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